Whether we live in America or Asia or Africa, we are all tied in a single garment of destiny and whatever affects one directly, affects one indirectly.”- Dr Martin Luther King

When considering what clothing brand you are going to invest your money in, be sure to check the following before purchasing:

  1. Brand visibility – Does the brand advertise where the products are manufactured, their working processes and how they dispose of for example: wastewater?

2. Do they treat and pay workers ethically?– The fast fashion industry depends on low labour costs, often at the expense black & asian women working in factories with dangerous conditions for less than the national average wage. This can include forced labour and unpaid overtime to meet deadlines. Check which factories they partner with, voluntary certifications and proof of living wages.

3. What materials does the brand use? – Check the primary fabrics the brand uses. For example, does the brand use sustainable fabrics that are organic, undyed, recycled and upcycled pieces. Another handy tip is to look out for certifications such as GOTS Certified, Bluesign certified and Standard 100 Oeko-Tex as examples.

4. Do they produce on a sustainable scale?– do they require pre-orders to limit the number of clothes wasted or do they limit their collections to twice a year. These are signs of a sustainably focussed brand.

By Yames & Co

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