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What is Slow Fashion ?

If you haven’t read my blog post on Quality of quantity what consumers should prioritise when it comes to considering what clothes they should purchase then you may not be aware of what the term ” slow fashion” actually entails. Slow fashion is the antithesis of the fast fashion movement which encourages consumers to buy more for cheaper. Unlike fast fashion, slow fashion aims to encourage consumers to purchase on a more conscious level by considering what they are buying, whether they actually need it and how long the item will last for. The aim of slow fashion is to get companies and customers to design, produce, consume and live better. Everything is considered from the holistic lifecycle of a product and manufacturing/production, to consumer use and end-of-life disposal.

How do I become a Slow Fashion consumer?

Once you have made the decision to incorporate slow fashion into your life, you may find it difficult to go back to the fast fashion way of living. As a starting point and before you go on your next shopping spree, it will be worth your time going through your wardrobe and seeing what items you have that can either be reused or restyled before you spend money on that new brand of skirt. Ways to achieve this include taking time to write out the following checklist and see whether you can check any of the boxes before you head out to the shops:

  • How many items do you have of what you are looking for (i.e. skirts, trousers, blouses etc)?
  • Could you re-wear any of those items for the look you’re trying to achieve?
  • Could you re-vamp/upcycle your item of clothing to get the look you’re trying to achieve?
  • How necessary is it to get the look you’re trying to achieve and is there another look that could be more achieveable?

If the answer to all of the above questions is no, then that is perfectly ok! However, what this checklist does force you to do is think about what you are purchasing, whether it is necessary and whether you need to spend an extra £20 on that new item of clothing. The more times you consider the above list, the more you are thinking about your consumption habits. Not a bad thing if you are trying to save yourself a few bob and limit your consumption habits!

What to do if you need that item of clothing?

If you diligently carried out the above checklist and wardrobe audit but still find yourself desperately in need of that cute white skirt to match your cashmere jumper then consider the following. Instead of buying a brand new skirt, why don’t you see if you could buy the item second hand? Not only might you find what you are looking for but for also half the price if not lower! Purchasing second hand clothes not only gives the item a second chance at life but it also helps avoid sending more clothes to landfill which is better for the environment. Here are some second-hand retail stores to consider browsing prior to heading to fast fashion retail stores:

And here are some second-hand online retail stores:

So, how do I build a slow fashion wardrobe whilst earning some extra cash?

You will note from the above paragraphs, that just by thinking more about the items of clothing you are consuming and shopping more effectively that you will be saving cash! If your goal is to earn extra cash as well, then the above second-hand online retail stores will allow you to sell your items of clothing on platforms that have a HUGE audience which will give you the best chance of selling. Here is a checklist of the following things to consider before listing you list your preloved item of clothing for sale:

  • How worn is the item of clothing and is it reusable?
  • If not, could you upcycle the item of clothing before trying to resell it?
  • Have you washed and ironed the piece of clothing to ensure it is in the best possible condition for resale?
  • Have you taken good quality pictures of the clothing with a neutral background to give it the best chance to be sold?
  • Have you provided a clear and detailed description of the piece of clothing including any cool stories as to their life?

If you don’t like the online store feel of things and prefer a more hands on approach, then another option is to check out local car boot sales. That way you can set up a stall, call in customers and barter your way to that extra moolah!

With Autumn on the horizon and the temperatures beginning to drop, now is the perfect time to sieve through your wardrobe.

Hopefully you have found this article educational and helpful. Remember, what you buy helps the world you create. So start your slow fashion journey today!

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