With British people sending a 350,000 tones of clothes to landfill in Spring 2018, our fashion waste problem is an epidemic that we can no longer ignore.

The staggering 350,000 tonnes of clothing that go to landfill each year could generate a massive £140 million if they were reused or recycled.

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Top tips for keeping a sustainable wardrobe

  1. Keep the clothes that you like

If you like certain fashion pieces and wear them regularly, keep them! Change your mindset and habits, rather than what brands you buy, by going through your wardrobe and taking the time to decide what pieces ”spark joy”.

2. Repurpose of mend older pieces

If you have a t-shirt you don’t wear anymore, see if you could jazz it up by giving it a peter pan collar or embroidering it. If your item of clothing has a hole or tear, see if you can sew it. You may find a local tailor who could do this. Clothes that are completely unwearable could be remade into cloth bags or as cloth rags. Try giving a second life to beautiful things.

3. Wardrobe swap with friends

If you don’t wear the clothes, or you are just not feeling it as part of your collection anymore, that doesn’t mean your nearest and dearest might not love it! Hold a ”swap party” and make a day of it. Bring on the Prosecco!

4. Compost clothes made from natural fibres

If your clothes are made from natural materials, like cotton, hemp, linen, or silk, you can actually compost them. Just cut the clothing into small pieces and remove any buttons, zippers, or non-natural elements.

5. Sell your clothes on online platforms

There are so many online platforms that you can sell your old clothes these days. Examples include but are not limited to: Depop, Vinted, Ebay, Shpock, Facebook….the list goes on. Not only will your old clothes get reused you’ll also end up making a profit…it’s a win win.

6. Recycle, recycle, recycle

There are several textile banks within the UK where old clothes and other textiles can be dropped off. You can also hand in old clothes and textiles to several stores that will recycle it, such as H&M and & other stores.



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