What does sustainable fashion mean? Why has it become the buzzword of 2020-21? How can I shop more sustainably?

Clothing brands are starting to hop on to the moving trend towards sustainable fashion. This is a geared approach by fashion brands towards sourcing, manufacturing and designing clothes in a way that minimises their impact on the environment.

What solutions are there to fast fashion?

What can consumers do about this? Every time you go shopping and purchase an item of clothing, instead of thinking about the style, you may want to make a conscious effort to check the fabrics being used, or indeed where they are manufactured. Every time you purchase a product from a fast fashion brand, you cast a vote on the type of product you as a consumer want to see made and subsequently the type of world you want your children and future generations to live in. Businesses after all only thrive if their products fly off the shelves.

A way to combat this, is to firstly consider recycling your old clothes. You can do this by either reselling them via Ebay or Vinted to name a few, or swapping them with your friends who may love your old garments.

Another solution to fast fashion is to start shopping at more sustainably conscious fashion brands that aim to utilise fabrics that are biodegradable and therefore limit the harmful impact they will have on the environment when they decompose.

Thirdly, you can extend your wardrobe by washing your clothing less often and on cold in order to utilise less energy and preserve the colouration of your clothing.

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